Property-Based Testing

Pure functional programming lends itself well to property-based testing. To make property based testing easy, pfun comes with a number of test case generators for the excellent hypothesis library.

For example, if you're testing a function that takes pfun.list.List value as an argument, you can use the pfun.hypothesis_strategies.lists search strategy:

from hypothesis import given
from hypothesis.strategies import integers

from pfun.hypothesis_strategies import lists
from pfun.list import List

def increment_all(l: List[int]) -> List[int]:
    return v: v + 1)

def test_increment_all(l: List[int]) -> None:
    assert sum(increment_all(l)) == sum(l) + len(l)

To see all search strategies that comes with pfun check out the API reference.

To use the version of hypothesis that pfun is tested against, you can install pfun along with hypothesis using pip install pfun[test]